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November 3, 2023

In the enchanting realm of Africa’s wild, our furry and feathered friends have perfected the art of camouflage over countless eons. They’ve donned Mother Nature’s invisibility cloak and blended seamlessly with the bushy surroundings. To unveil their hidden secrets, a trusty pair of binoculars is your golden ticket to this animal hide-and-seek game.

Behold the splendid wonderland of Madikwe Game Reserve, a true haven for nature shutterbugs. If you’re on a mission to immortalize your safari escapades with unparalleled panache, consider enlisting the services of an SLR camera accompanied by a zoom lens of repute. Your humble smartphone snapper might just fall short of the mark, old chap.

Now, it’s time to address a matter of utmost importance. While you embark on your Madikwe adventure, bear in mind that the reserve doesn’t boast a single pharmacy in its midst. To avoid a medical conundrum, make sure to pack your prescription medications. While we do have emergency medical facilities and evacuation procedures at your service, sourcing your specific medications might prove a tad challenging.

For your expeditions into the wild unknown, a compact day bag is your trusty sidekick. It keeps your odds and ends neatly organized and readily accessible as you traipse through the bush or zip around on safari drives. And never fear, for most safari lodges will bestow upon you a water bottle to keep you hydrated on your thrilling quests.

Ah, the relentless African sun, that fiery orb in the sky! It knows no mercy, not even in the depths of winter. To shield yourself from its relentless blaze, don a trusty hat, brandish those fashionable shades, and slather on sunscreen like it’s going out of style. Sun protection is your constant companion, come rain or shine.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of dressing for success in the wild, African-style!

First off, let’s talk threads. You’re gonna be doing a lot of sitting and strolling, so comfy clothing is a must. When the mid-year winter season rolls around, those chilly nights and early mornings can nip at your nose. Layer up, chaps and chapettes! Choose attire in earthy tones like greens, olives, light browns, tans, and khakhis to become one with the environment. Leave those white and neon outfits at home; they’ll just scream, “Look at me, I’m a dust magnet!” Go for lightweight cotton or top-notch synthetics to keep your clobber breezy yet battle-ready.

For added protection from the fierce African sun and pesky insects, don long-sleeved shirts and trousers. These can be rolled up or down, depending on whether you’re feeling hot or not. When it comes to footwear, don’t skimp. Sturdy shoes are your ticket to conquering vehicle clambering and bushveld treks. Make sure those ankle-covering kicks also shield you from spiky bush surprises.

Now, let’s talk accessories. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses aren’t just for making a fashion statement. They’ll keep your peepers safe from the blazing sun, and that hat is like a secret weapon for wildlife spotting. With these top-notch tips in your back pocket, you’ll be geared up to embark on your Madikwe Game Reserve safari in style.

Refreshing afternoon thundershowers occur during the summer months, which span from August to March, in the town with an above-average annual rainfall of 300 to 700 mm. The summer season is characterised by temperatures ranging from 22 to 34ºC. In contrast, winter is characterised by dry, sunny days and chilly nights, with an average temperature of 16ºC during the months of May to July. However, the temperature during winter can vary greatly, with an average range of 2 to 20ºC in a single day.


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