November 3, 2023

Nestled amidst an 80,000-hectare expanse of breathtaking African scenery, Madikwe Game Reserve sprawls from the majestic Dwarsberg mountains in the south to the rugged Inselbergs in the west, with the Marico River meandering through its eastern reaches and wide-open plains in between. It’s the kind of place where you can rub shoulders with the famous Big 5 superstars: lions, buffalos, leopards, elephants, and the elusive black and white rhinos. But that’s not all – our reserve is also a bustling hub for a plethora of other fascinating creatures, including giraffes, African wild dogs, brown and spotted hyenas, and the sleek cheetahs.

Madikwe Game Reserve isn’t just about the headliners, though. It’s a menagerie of antelope species and an array of mammals, from aardvarks to zebras, and all the critters in between, like porcupines, warthogs, and bush babies. Bird enthusiasts, take note! Over 350 avian species grace our skies, including migratory birds who make pit stops in our trees and wild grasses throughout the year.

Our reserve is a botanical wonderland too, boasting over 45 distinct tree species that offer shelter, sustenance, and a home to our beloved residents. From the luscious bushveld to the arid sweet bushveld, and the prickly thornveld in between, Madikwe Game Reserve’s unique mosaic of flora and grasses is a sight to behold.

But words alone can’t do justice to the magic that unfolds in Madikwe Game Reserve. To truly grasp the beauty, you have to be here to witness it firsthand. Picture yourself standing in awe as herds of elephants gracefully pass by, towering giraffes reach for the sky, springboks bound across the open plains, and cheeky hyenas chortle in the distance. This is the Africa of your dreams, and it’s right here within the captivating borders of Madikwe Game Reserve. Come, experience the wild wonder for yourself!


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