Little Five

November 3, 2023

Mind your step on sandy trails, for lurking beneath the surface are the cunning antlions, master builders of telltale traps designed to ensnare unwitting passersby. Meet the elephant shrew, a petite speedster sporting an elongated, trunk-like snout that gives it a rather distinguished appearance. In the world of the Little Five sub-species of scarab beetles, the rhinoceros beetle takes the crown as the tiniest member, flaunting horns reminiscent of a buffalo’s on both its thorax and noggin in the male of the species. During your adventurous safari game drive, keep your ears open for the boisterous symphony of the red-billed buffalo weavers, who sport dark, eye-catching plumage and distinctive crimson beaks.

Now, add to my list! With images!!

Behold the leopard tortoise, a colossal reptilian wonder tipping the scales at a whopping 13 kilograms and measuring a staggering 40 centimeters. Its yellow shell is adorned with a distinctive pattern of spots, dashes, and stripes that makes it utterly unmistakable.

Lest I forget, dungbeetles!

Dungbeetles are outstanding planetary citizens. Without dungbeetles there will be a lot more of dung and billions more flies. They put their heads down, their bums up and roll away the dung, assisting in recycling. They’ve been around for 15 million years. Do you think they are capable of having fun? 


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